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Passionate About Inspiring Others

During our 30 plus years of marriage we have had times of intimacy but we have also had times of isolation.  We worked through our challenges and continued to make small investments in our relationship.  Now over 30 years later, those small investments are paying big dividends and we are enjoying a healthy, connected and intimate marriage. We are passionate about equipping couples and singles to enjoy healthy, connected marriages for life.

Our organization, Living in the Family, equips couples with relationship skills through our workshops and our couples coaching and mentoring that will help them communicate honestly, resolve conflict effectively and to increase their trust in and reliance upon one another so that they can enjoy their marriage.  We equip singles through our workshops to follow a roadmap that will help them look at five vitally important areas when picking a partner that will help reduce the risk of them marrying someone that is a bad fit.  We also equip singles to build a solid foundation in their dating relationships so that, if they decide to get married, the relationship will be structured for a lifetime of enjoyment, health and connection.

We believe that if singles were better prepared for marriage and if married couples were equipped with skills that could make their marriages healthy, the divorce rate would be reduced, couples would stay married, become best friends, great partners and remain passionate lovers.  This is our hope for all those we have the pleasure of serving through Living in the Family.

  • Certified John Maxwell Team Coaches, Speakers and Trainers

  • Prepare/Enrich Certified

  • Certified in Personality Insights Behavioral Studies

  • Certified for P.I.C.K. A Partner (Premarital Interpersonal Choices & Knowledge)

  • Certified for Couple L.I.N.K.S. (Lasting Intimacy Through, Nurturing, Knowledge & Skills)

  • 30 plus years of marriage and practitioners of what we teach

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